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Andrew Siciliano gives update on Los Angeles Rams new uniforms

by Alex Alarcon
Andrew Siciliano Los Angeles Rams Uniforms

The Los Angeles Rams new logo has been released and the new SoFi stadium is coming along perfectly which means there is one last task for the Rams organization to accomplish before the start of the season. Release the brand new uniforms. At the moment, fans and artists have been using their free time to create some wild Rams uniform concept designs, but when will the actual uniforms be shown to the public? Luckily NFL Network Andrew Siciliano gave some important updates on the uniform design and the plan Los Angeles originally scheduled before the virus. (Special S/O to @HoldenCantor for asking Siciliano about the Rams uniforms during an Instagram Live Q/A – give him a follow or else the Rams will be cursed and finish 7-9 next season) 

The Rams had an amazing plan set in place to show off the brand new uniforms in SoFi Stadium. Unfortunately with the pandemic that plan has been thrown away. More or less the Rams now have to think of a brand new way of releasing the uniforms to the public as it seems they will be wonderfully showcasing them. Dates have been thrown around on social media, but there is NO SET DATE for the Rams to release the uniforms. 

However, some good news did come out towards the end of the conversation with Siciliano as he mentioned fans will like the new Rams uniforms. Even though the Chargers’ uniforms have been the talk of the town as of late, expect Kevin Demoff and the Rams to make sure they do everything possible to build up the hype and steal the spotlight. What do you think Rams Nation, should Los Angeles stay with their classic throwback uniforms with a slight twist or spice it up with something brand new just like the Falcons did?

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