Arizona Cardinals used interesting method to prepare for Los Angeles Rams

Updated: December 2, 2017

The Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals are gearing up for their second face-off of the season as the Cardinals are using an interesting method to prepare for this game. Lets go back in time where the Los Angeles Rams destroyed the Arizona Cardinals in London as every single player from the Cardinals team said it was one of the worst rides home according to AZ Central.

With preparing for this matchup against the Rams for the second time, the Cardinals had to relive their debacle in London twice according to AZ Central. The team was forced to watch the highlights over and over again until it was too much to handle.

Some coaches will try to use the “turn the page” method however the Cardinals watched their mistakes over and over again in order for them to not make the same mistakes again. According to AZ Central, the Cardinals are going to have a huge chip on their shoulder so don’t expect another 33-0 blowout.

Here are some of the reactions from Cardinals players following this interesting method to prepare for the Rams.

“That was like one of them tapes you burn,” offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin said. “And then you burn it again and then you burn it again. Unfortunately, we had to watch it over and over again “It was a nightmare, and it was a long ride home, brother. Long ride home.”

According to AZ Central The Cardinals (5-6) went 2-2 between games with the Rams, but they think they improved significantly over the past month. In London, they never recovered from missing a field goal on the opening possession and being outscored 17-0 in the last six minutes of the first half.

Will the Los Angeles Rams shutout the Cardinals today? Stay tuned for the game and remember let’s take back the NFC West!

As a coach would you try to turn the page and forget about the blowout? Or force your team to rewatch the game more than multiple times? Leave your comments below…

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