Browns WR Kenny Britt is talking crap about his former Rams teammates

Updated: April 6, 2017

The Los Angeles Rams had to say goodbye to WR Kenny Britt during free agency as he was soon picked up by the Cleveland Browns. Kenny Britt was the face of the Los Angeles Rams offense last year as he was the veteran wide receiver who led the team to a historic stat. Kenny Britt reached 1,000 yards receiving during the first drive of the Week 16 game against the San Francisco 49ers.

However during a Live Instagram Video late Thursday night, Kenny Britt said some very interesting things about his former teammates.

Unfortunately we were unable to secure a video of Britt saying these words, however other Rams fans posted across social media letting mostly Tavon Austin know about the harsh words. DISCLAIMER THE PHOTO BELOW CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. 

In the first photo above, Kenny Britt talked about the non existence of Tavon Austin and how he thought he was better than him. Rams fans who were live watching Britt talk crap commented on Austin’s recent photo to let him know.  Britt went on to talk more about the Rams poor offense and how he doesn’t “remember” most of them. DISCLAIMER THE PHOTO BELOW CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE. 

In the second photo it was reported by multiple fans that Kenny Britt had some discouraging words about new head coach Sean McVay. Fans on the live video chat called out Britt and asked why he used those inappropriate words.

His response: “Whatever, I don’t know him anymore”

We are currently in the process of getting a hold of Kenny Britt’s Live video chat through Instagram. Please check back here daily with more information on this.

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Rob Rodriguez

Glad they got rid of him. He sucked! He was lucky we didn’t have anyone else to throw the ball to or he wouldnt have got as many touches!


[…] According to, Britt also said he does not remember most of his former Los Angeles teammates. […]