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Will the LA Coliseum hold more Cowboys or Rams fans?

by Rams HQ Team

The Los Angeles Coliseum is getting ready to hold a NFC Divisional game between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams on Saturday night. These two teams have already met in the Coliseum before as the Rams hosted the Cowboys in a 2016 preseason game which was the return of the Los Angeles Rams. Even though it was a meaningless game in the season, the 90,000 fans that should up had the atmosphere of a playoff game. Well that atmosphere will be back on Saturday as America’s Team will be out in full force with their fans. So let’s answer the question, will the Coliseum hold more Cowboy or Rams fans?

There have been already some bold predictions by fans saying the Cowboys have a great chance to win this game as that home field advantage will be no more as Cowboys fans will outnumber Rams fans. Remember, never to trust social media for those answers. Take a look at these remarks about the Cowboys fans showing up.

Message Via “Jon Machota Writer for Dallas News” Rams QB Jared Goff said he’s expecting a “fun” and “electric” atmosphere at the L.A. Coliseum Saturday night. Plans to practice anything this week to prepare for the possibility of a high number of Cowboys fans making noise when the Rams have the ball? Goff: “No.”

Well it is time to finally put the truth out there. Of course there will be plenty of Dallas Cowboys fans at the Coliseum on Saturday, but Rams fans will outnumber them by a landslide. Thanks to Ticket Services of Vivid Seats, they produced a more accurate representation of who will actually show up on Saturday. According to them 71% Rams fans and 29% Cowboys fans will be in attendance.

The truth is out. The Los Angeles Rams still have their home field advantage and will go on their way to take on the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday night. Who you got winning this game?

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