“I have a good feeling about this team”

Updated: June 25, 2017

The Los Angeles Rams have a new saying: “We Not Me” This saying was started from new head coach Sean McVay to start a new change for the Rams. The past years the Rams organization have come through some horrible seasons, but could this finally be a fresh start the Rams needed? McVay spoke about the new slogan and why it means so much to this franchise.

“You see the t-shirts that people are walking around with, the ‘We not Me’. It’s always going to be about the team. All the decisions that we want to make are going to be from a standpoint of what’s in the best interest of the team, before any personal agendas and that’s what we want to embody as a coaching staff and with our players as well”

With a new start, the Los Angeles Rams are also bringing in Super Bowl winning defensive coordinator Wade Phillips. Fun Fact: Phillips has taken mostly every defense he has worked with and improved them drastically in the first year. He’s a veteran and knows how to fix the problems. According to ESPN Writer Alden Gonzales: In the past six years, three of his defenses have finished in the top five.

Gonzales, also had the opportunity to speak with Phillips where he talked about the Los Angeles Rams as a whole. Phillips see’s the potential in this team, and wants everyone to have faith in the future of the Rams. 

“I have a good feeling about this team,” Phillips, the Rams’ defensive coordinator, said last week when asked if his latest defense had the makings of a top-five unit. “Again, we’re only in shorts and we haven’t done anything live gamewise, which we’ll get to. I feel good with where we are right now. Comparatively to the teams that I’ve gone to in the first year, I think they’re right on par with those teams. And a lot of those teams did well.”

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the guys’ attitude, No. 1, and also the ability we have,” he said as the Rams were finishing their offseason program. “I think we have a lot of talented players. They’re working hard to get better, and I think we will show that in the fall when we start playing, start practicing together. We don’t make many mistakes, and they’re real aggressive and they play well as a team.”

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