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QB Jared Goff explains how uncomfortable Hard Knocks can be

by Daniel Newton
Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff Hard Knocks

Assuming training camps still happen this season, HBO will be returning for the 2020 season. This season will be different though, as they are rumored to be featuring the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers this year with SoFi Stadium set to open this season, the choice seems logical. Another experiment the NFL is testing on the Rams as they are practically the guinea pigs of the league. Now there are some exclusions to the show. Via CBS Sports, A team can decline the opportunity if they have been to the playoffs in the prior two years, have a first-year head coach or have appeared on the show in the previous ten years. However, it seems the Rams are wanting to be on the show.. Even though Hard Knocks might be viewed as an enjoyable documentary from the outside, there is zero privacy for the players. Quarterback Jared Goff opened up about his last time he ran into the cameras.

Jared Goff Says Nothing Positive Happened the Last Time the Rams were Featured

In 2018 a question was posed to Jared Goff about what he thought about being featured on the show. He responded by stating nothing positive came from that situation. The Rams were last featured on the show in 2016, which was the Rams’ first season returning to Los Angeles and Goff’s rookie season. Goff also stated that he always felt on edge and didn’t know what aspects were kept private and which weren’t as there were cameras and microphones in every room. He did state that although the producers and camera operators were pleasant, it added too much distraction while he was trying to learn. Again, another reason why the Rams should decline the offer is it could put some players on edge.

Whether the Rams are featured on the season or not, this show is always entertaining. However, given the complete overhaul of the team, this offseason, as well as the Rams attempting to bounce back from last season’s disappointing year, let’s hope that they decline the invitation.

The Rams have already gone through turmoil this offseason.

2019 may have been one of the most disappointing seasons in the history of the Rams. One season after making it to the Super Bowl against the Patriots, the Rams failed to make the playoffs altogether after finishing with a 9-7 record and finishing in 3rd place in the AFC West. This disappointment led the team to make several offseason moves already, including overhauling the coaching staff and releasing star running back Todd Gurley. HBO’s Hard Knocks would lead to increasing distractions, something they don’t need when they are focusing on bouncing back this season.

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