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Kevin Demoff on thin ice, will read meanest tweets about Rams logo

by Alex Alarcon
Kevin Demoff Los Angeles Rams

When the Los Angeles Rams released their new logos and colors on Monday, the team also announced they will be in partnership with ABC to hold a virtual telethon to help raise money for United Way’s coronavirus relief fund and food bank. Of course with COVID-19 still spreading, it was the right move by the Rams to partner up to help raise money in the needed moment. Before the telethon actually took place, Rams COO Kevin Demoff announced he would read mean tweets about the Rams’ new logo if they were able to raise more than $2 million. Of course with the publics’ help, the Rams announced that they raised a little over $2 million and Demoff was quick to share on social media he will still be partaking in his agreement.

Now I’m not entirely sure how Demoff will be reading the mean tweets. It could be via a live stream from his social account, or a prerecorded video that the Rams publish on their own. For Demoff, it will take a solid two seconds for him to find a batch of mean tweets as literally the whole Rams nation hates the new logo. At the moment, the logo launch has been nothing but horrible for Demoff and the Rams as early reports have come out the uniforms are just as bad as the logo. I’m surprised Demoff is still going to be reading the meanest tweets as it comes off almost as if he simply does not care. Some fans tend to agree with me as well. Take a look.

This is going to be one interesting video to watch. At the moment, Demoff is entering into the most dangerous area with the fans and the logo. Let’s see if he will finally listen and possibly give the fans what they want. An actual logo that represents the Rams franchise and historic accomplishments.


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