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Les Snead explains why the Rams did not address the OL in NFL draft

by Alex Alarcon
Les Snead address Rams offensive line

Los Angeles Rams fans across the nation wanted the front office to address one position during the 2020 NFL Draft: The Offensive Line. With Los Angeles trading WR Brandin Cooks to the Houston Texans, fans were excited to see another second-round pick heading towards the Rams to use for a potential offensive lineman. However, the NFL Draft did not go in favor of the Rams fans’ wishes. Los Angeles had a total of nine picks by the conclusion of the NFL Draft and used their last pick in the seventh round – No. 250 on the only offensive lineman drafted by the team: G Tremayne Anchrum out of Clemson. With the draft officially over, fans were wondering why Los Angeles did not address the front line as Les Snead made it pretty clear they are confident in the current line.

Definitely, that’s obvious, because we didn’t address OL until later,” Snead said. “But I think Sean’s mentioned it, we’ve been drafting young players for the last two, three years. Even when Sean mentioned yesterday trading for Austin Corbett, it was just a couple years ago that he was the 33rd pick in the draft and even this year we wouldn’t have been able to pick an Austin Corbett.”

Les Snead and Sean McVay have a strong point. There is no need to keep drafting offensive lineman when Los Angeles brought in loads of new men on the front line just years ago. Remember, Los Angeles already has the likes of Noteboom, Evans, Edwards, Shelton, Demby, Corbett, Brewer, Kolone, Anchrum, Havenstein, Whitworth, and Blythe. The Rams have the men to build a successful line but need to TEACH and BUILD them up.

It will be one of the worse decisions by the Rams front office to solve last year’s inexperienced O-linemen with even more inexperienced O-linemen. Los Angeles needs to build this offensive line to the potential to protect Goff. More or less this year will really tell who can stand and protect Goff. Until we see one of these offensive lineman struggling on the front line, there is no need to keep adding more.

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