So why did Los Angeles Rams’ Aaron Donald end his holdout?

Updated: September 12, 2017
The Los Angeles Rams have exercised the fifth-year option on third-year All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Before the holdout of Aaron Donald even started, the Los Angeles Rams made a bold move to hire the youngest head coach in NFL history. Sean McVay was given the hardest task of turning around a franchise with little hope. The culture was shifting all over the place as the relationships with coaches to players seemed to be off.

When McVay stepped in his role he was dealt with one of the hardest dilemmas, a player holdout. One of the best players for the Rams franchise was not at training camp or the whole preseason. However McVay did not shy away from this problem, he attacked it head on.

Last Saturday, Donald made a surprise visit to the Rams as he ended his holdout. But why did he end it at that moment? Head Coach McVay played the biggest role in making that happen. Without McVay, I don’t see Donald at the Rams camp right now.

Before the final preseason game, McVay flew to Atlanta with the Rams brass to meet with Donald’s agent, a move that would establish the start of trusted relationship. McVay wanted Donald to come back to Los Angeles. Listening to McVay in press conferences, his respect for the game and players shows. McVay took this personally and wanted to bring back the MVP.  On Monday, McVay confirmed the report was true and explained why he decided to make the trip.

“I think it was more just trying to show how important this situation is to our football team,” he said. “Let them know that while I’m not going to be involved in terms of the money and the negotiations, but I just wanted them to be able to hear how important Aaron is for the overall dynamic, everything that we’re trying to get done and accomplished, how much respect his teammates have for him and I thought it was something where you feel like, ‘What can you do to be a part of the solution?’ And we thought that was a good decision.”

There is no true fact on what really brought Donald back to the organization, but if McVay did not meet with his representatives, I don’t think that great relationship would happen between Donald and McVay. It’s clear they have a great relationship and Donald wanted to come back because of McVay.

“That’s the one thing that I mentioned that you respect so much about Aaron is, he wants to just come back in here,” McVay said. “He doesn’t want to be a distraction at all. That’s why he wasn’t at the game yesterday. That was the first thing that he mentioned himself because he realized how important it was for us to kind of try take a step in the right direction and come away with a win. That’s what he wanted for his team and I think that’s what you like about Aaron is, he’s all about football.”


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