Los Angeles Rams’ Aaron Donald makes bold statement about Case Keenum and Vikings

Updated: December 3, 2017

Quarterback Case Keenum never got to feel the pain Aaron Donald has caused so far in his career because they played on the same team. Donald would chase Keenum out of the pocket during practice but nobody could touch the starting quarterback due to injury concerns.

However, Rams Aaron Donald finally had his chance to let Case Keenum know why he is one of the best defensive lineman in the league but failed in their last loss. In the loss against the Minnesota Vikings, Donald hit Keenum three times including a late hit that was called for a 15-yard penalty.

That was the first game where Donald was held without a sack and was disappointed in his performance. After the game, some old teammates would say congrats/hello to Keenum but Donald went straight to the locker room.

According to Rams Wire: “After the game, Donald didn’t talk to Keenum, saying he escaped too many would-be sacks in the Rams’ loss.” “He did too much running. I didn’t want to talk to Case,” Donald said.

Now, Donald is speaking out on this topic and the future of the Rams. Fans, this man is hungry and he wants the Minnesota Vikings. According to ESPN Writer Alden Gonzales Rams DT Aaron Donald wants to face the Vikings and crush them. “I really want to play Case again. I want to play the Vikings again, big time, in the playoffs. That’s who I want to play. That’s who I want to see again.”

This is a huge bold statement by Donald as he is hungry for this revenge game. Usually players will be shy about this type of topic, but he is calling out Keenum and the Vikings. There is a good chance that the Rams and Vikings might see each other in the playoffs.

There is a different culture in this team and Aaron Donald is showing it off right now. The Vikings are the only team who truly pushed around the Rams this season and Donald wants revenge big time. Bring it on Vikings.


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