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Los Angeles Rams are listening to fans, could use ram head logo more

by Alex Alarcon
Los Angeles Rams ram head logo

When the Rams announced they were going to return to Los Angeles, they quickly began the process of creating the new face of the Los Angeles Rams. It was nearly two years of planning and creating the new logo and uniforms as the Rams released the first phase of the redesign. However, the big unveiling was a miss as Rams fans were not so happy with the new logos. It seems as if the marketing department was hoping for a stronger push on the new LA logo as that is the primary logo heading forward at the moment. Luckily, it seems the Rams have a plan B in case anything goes south as, at the moment, it seems to be going very south with the new logo.

The Rams also released a more natural ram head logo and it seemed to go O.K. with fans. However, the ram head logo was quickly made into a better version as fans were loving the new fan design. Some fans were even jumping on board with adding the same ram head horns onto the helmet. The Rams marketing team also released new images of what the new SoFi stadium would look like with the LA primary logo. Let’s just say that did not go well either. However, that plan B might bring back some of the fans that hated the release. Rams Wire Cameron DaSilva was on a video conference with Rams creative director Cory Befort and VP of merchandise, Tyrel Kirkham, and both employees said the Rams are open to using both logos on the team’s website and branding of SoFi. As for the 50-yard line logo, it could also be the new ram head logo.

With the 50-yard line on the field, we’re creating stencils for both logos, We’re leaning into both marks heavily.

Right now, the Los Angeles Rams should listen to the diehards. I understand the new logos were also geared to gaining some new fans, but if they lose the diehards, the team is no more. Rams COO Kevin Demoff, let’s make the right call and use the ram head logo more and more. In hindsight, they can also add to the ram head logo down the road.

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MICHAEL MELENDREZ March 24, 2020 - 12:48 pm

If it is not broken, do not fix it. Dr. Mike


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