Los Angeles Rams are one of the most improved teams in the NFL

Updated: July 11, 2017

Usually the Los Angeles Rams get some type of backlash on sports channels for their dreadful postseason drought as they always predict the Rams to finish bottom of their division. However with some new upgrades to the coaching staff and offense, the Rams are finally getting some bold love.

Colin Cowherd host of the Herd recently gave his first NFL bold prediction for the 2017 season, in which he stated: ” The Rams and the cowboys will only have a 1 or 2 game gap this year” He went on to say a long with the Carolina Panthers, the Los Angeles Rams are one of the most improved teams in the NFL. Rise of the Rams..

I would have to agree with Cowherd here as the Los Angeles Rams are finally changing their culture. New coaching staff, the cancer of Jeff Fisher is finally gone, this will now be the true image of the Rams starting in 2017. Now let’s not get too crazy. There are a bunch of better teams in the NFL, but the Rams will finally show life in 2017. Improvement will happen.

All of the improvement will start of QB Jared Goff. And trust me Rams’ Jared Goff is better than you thought.  It’s time to rise with the Rams as training camp is getting closer. Ram Fest this Saturday, be there!

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