Why the Los Angeles Rams aren’t doomed

Updated: July 8, 2017

“The Rams suck. They suck for a multitude of reasons. Just off the top of my head, they employed Gregg Williams for two seasons, they allow lazy sportswriters to always claim that they are “up and coming”, and, the biggest reason of all, they keep beating the Seattle Seahawks.” This lovely paragraph was written by our “good friend” Peter Alexieff who is a writer for the Seattle Seahawks on SB Nation’s Field Gulls.  Alexieff went on to write an 1,675 word article on why the Rams are doomed, but it’s time to rebuttal this extremely bias article. The following text in bold was written by Alexieff. 

“Of course, the Rams also made a stupid move because they are the Rams. They signed receiver Robert Woods to a 5-year, $34 million contract with $15 million guaranteed.” 

Alexieff compared that Woods is a slightly better version of Jermaine Kearse and the Rams paid way too much for Robert. However looking into the Buffalo Bills depth chart, According to Ramblin Fan – they ran the ball 48.61 percent of the time in 2016. The Bills were a run first team and never gave the opportunity for Woods to shine. Hence McVay picking up Woods as he saw another quality receiver that will fit in Goff’s offense. So by looking at stats compared to your horrible receiver Alexieff, you can’t determine that this contract was stupid.

“I guess they will improve to 5-11. I am, however, going to be even more bold and predict that they won’t win against the Seahawks now that Fisher has taken his black magic into retirement.” 

I would have a little more respect for this article if Alexieff were to mention at least a sentence of Wade Phillips. He’s the Rams most important off-season acquisition. Phillips is a super bowl winning coach that knows how to run a defense. Wade has the experience to easily crush your what was it called again “Legion of Boom”? I’m pretty sure that group is no more.

“Unless Donald goes Super-Saiyan and elevates his game to an previously unseen high, I don’t see him carrying LA to glory this year.”

Folks are sleeping on the Rams, and I see a team has a chance to win 8 games, and maybe even a game or two more if things bounce their way. I like the hiring of both coaches; both have shown ability on their respective sides of the ball. Wade Phillips is arguably the best DC in the game today. I like their Connor Barwin signing and moving Robert Quinn to OLB. They, along with Donald are going to stress opposing OL’s. All of these new changes will help the whole team carry the Rams to glory, not just Donald.


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