WATCH: Los Angeles Rams Legend thinks the Rams are playoff bound in 2017

Updated: September 6, 2017

With the Los Angeles Rams changing their culture and attitude in 2017, are they ready for some playoff talk? It may be extremely early to talk about the playoffs as the Rams have yet to play a single regular season game under Sean McVay, but that did not stop this Legend from showing his pride for the Rams.

The NFL GameDay crew was asked to select one playoff team from 2016 that won’t be making the playoffs in 2017, and replace them with their team of choice. Slowly each crew member gave their new playoff bound team, but when Marshall Faulk had his chance to talk, he didn’t shy away from his favorite team.

According to Marshall Faulk, the Detroit Lions will NOT be making the 2017 playoffs, instead the Los Angeles Rams will be taking their place. How does that sound Rams fans? In the video above all of the crew members give their reasonings of their selections.

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Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

Do you think the Los Angeles Rams are playoff bound? Leave your comments below. Rams vs. Colts Sunday. 

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