Los Angeles Rams Players And Fans React To The Ridiculous Aaron Donald Ranking

Updated: June 20, 2017
The Los Angeles Rams have exercised the fifth-year option on third-year All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

Each year, NFL players get the opportunity to pick the Top 100 players for the season.  As the rankings have been falling closer to the No. 1 spot, fans and Rams players were curious to see where the best player in the NFL will land. Last year Aaron Donald ranked No. 14 on this list, and yesterday Donald fell back a spot and was ranked No. 15 by his peers.

Could this be a sign of other players in the NFL that he won’t be a top ten player in the league until he helps his team to a winning record? Either way this ridiculous voting got the attention of multiple Rams players and fans, and even Pro Football Focus who rated Aaron Donald the best player last season.

Pro Football Writer Sam Monson wrote this about Donald before the NFL voting: Winner of 2015’s PFF Dwight Stephenson award, for the best overall player in the NFL, Donald has the highest PFF grade of any player in 2016 with a score of 95.3, comfortably clear of the next-best and one of only six players to currently sit above 90 in the ratings.

Who couldn’t argue with Sam here? Donald is the best player in the NFL, but is being overlooked by the rest of the Los Angeles Rams players. Below take a look at the comments players and fans said about the new ranking of Donald. Get the popcorn ready.

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