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Los Angeles Rams players still upset over NFL Covid protocols

by Daniel Newton
Los Angeles Rams Covid

These are unprecedented times we are living in these days. We, as a nation, have never lived through a pandemic that has been this catastrophic. This year has also led to an uncertain future when it comes to sports as well. Yes, the MLB is starting up this week with an abbreviated season, and the NBA will also finish their season after a four-month hiatus. However, many athletes fear for their health and safety, which has left many opting out of playing in their respective sports. The NFL has been no different as both Aaron Donald, and Jared Goff have both released statements regarding the upcoming season.

Aaron Donald tweeted out, “It’s a shame that the NFL doesn’t care about doing their part to keep players healthy and safe. They need to make sure football can come back the right way. We have to look out for ourselves and our families.” It is hard to argue against health and safety is the most critical aspect in the United States right now due to COVID-19. The NFL, as an organization, does need to look out for the health and well-being of players and organizational staff in general. Some possibilities not doing so could be harmful to the NFL due to lawsuits dealing with liability issues when it comes to the pandemic.

Jared Goff tweeted out, “You want to watch football? Us players need to remain healthy to make that happen. The NFL needs to do its part to bring back football safely in 2020. Please address health and safety concerns so we can play football this season.” Again, echoing what Aaron Donald tweeted out, the main concern for the NFL right now must be the safety and care for the organizations. If the players fear for the health and safety, we could see players opting out of playing this NFL season. 

With everything that is going on right now, let us hope that we do have an NFL season, as sports generally help us to take our minds off of things in the real world even for a few hours. Hopefully, the NFL considers the necessary steps and precautions so that the players feel safe when they return to the field, and we have an NFL season this year.

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