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Michael Brockers calls out the worst offensive lineman in the NFC West

by Alex Alarcon
Los Angeles Rams

It was a wild ride for Michael Brockers during free agency as he had all of his bags packed and ready to go to be a member of the Baltimore Ravens. Unfortunately for the Ravens, the deal went through the cracks as the Rams quickly jumped on the opportunity to bring him back to Los Angeles. Brockers recently joined Chris Long’s podcast and spilled the truth on what happened with the Ravens as well. Near the end of the podcast, Long was firing off some quick question for Brockers to answer and one question came up about the NFC West. Long asked the question, who is the worst offensive lineman in the NFC West? Take a look at Brockers response below.

I almost want to piss his ass off, what is his name again. J.R. Sweezy

Long jumped into the conversation and had his own thoughts of Sweezy as well. The comments below which are bolded are from Long while the regular text is from Brockers.

Oh Sweezy, I actually think he is just dirty. Ya he’s fucking dirty. I remember when we were in St. Louis it was like he was going to torpedo every pile. 

Long story short, it seems Sweezy is well known in the NFL world as one of the dirtiest players in the league. Brockers also teased with Long on why he still remembers his moments with Sweezy. If you want to listen to the full podcast between these two Rams legends, go ahead and listen to that 30-minute podcast here.  Sweezy started his career with the Seattle Seahawks back in 2012 and now is a member of the Arizona Cardinals. Let’s see if there will be any more fights between Sweezy and Brockers in 2020. Do you agree with Michael Brockers and Chris Long? Let’s talk about it below.

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