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Orlando Pace explains harsh tweet sent to Rams rookie

by Alex Alarcon
Los Angeles Rams Orlando Pace Tradition

The Los Angeles Rams offseason has been a rocky one thus far as the new logo release was a strong hit and miss and now we have a Rams legend sending harsh tweets to a new Rams rookie. Yesterday, we covered the news of the Rams new rookie numbers in which Hall Of Fame Orlando Pace jumped on social media to send a tweet to Tremayne Anchrum jr. The tweet was made under the photo of Anchrum rocking the number No. 76 as Pace sent out the tweet “No respect, SMH” Loads of fans joined the conversation and wondered was Pace tweet sent directly towards the rookie for choosing his number or something else? Well luckily, Pace has answered that question.

In the tweet shown above, Pace explains the tweet was nothing against Tremayne but was directly for the Los Angeles Rams organization and tradition. Let’s be real, Are the Rams going away from their rich history? Take a look at the Rams’ new logo. Even Eric Dickerson tried to explain the horrible mistake the Rams made but going away from history. Here is the current list of retired numbers by the Rams

7: Bob Waterfield

28: Marshall Faulk

29: Eric Dickerson

74: Merlin Olsen

75: Deacon Jones

78: Jackie Slater

80: Isaac Bruce

85: Jack Youngblood

What do all of those numbers have in common? All of them are Rams legends and rest in the Hall Of Fame. What about Pace?  Remember, Pace was a five-time All-Pro, seven-time Pro Bowl selection, Super Bowl champion, inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2013, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016. I love this tweet that was directed to Pace in the thread.

If the Los Angeles Rams want to once again be the franchise that everybody talks about, they need to treat EVERY legend well and that includes Orlando Pace. What do you think Rams Nation? Do you think Pace has a strong point that the organization and tradition are starting to disconnect?

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