Peyton Manning Burns The Los Angeles Rams

Updated: July 12, 2017

The ESPY’s or (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award) have been going on since 1993, to recognize individual and team athletic achievement and other sports-related performance during the sports year with an annual ceremony. It’s always a fun event as starts across the league gather together to recognize top performances teams, and of course to hear the opening monologue.

NFL Legend Peyton Manning got to host the ESPY’s as it was nice to finally see an athlete host a sports performance award show. ( Sorry John Cena). However when Peyton Manning started his monologue he targeted the Los Angeles Rams first. Below is what he said.

““Last year’s LA Rams are the subject of the critically acclaimed docuseries All or Nothing… Spoiler alert: It’s nothing, Cmon Rams new head coach Sean McVay is here, can you believe they wanted me to say that?”

If you watched the All or Nothing series, it was an amazing show to watch, but Peyton Manning does have a point. Comparing the Cardinals and Rams series, there was more fight in the Arizona Cardinals. However, that’s all in the past a long with Jeff Fisher and Rams fans are ready for the Sean McVay era. I’m ready are you? Below is the full monologue. Go to 2:20 for the Los Angeles Rams part. 

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