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Los Angeles Rams could take on the Cowboys in the debut of SoFi Stadium

by Daniel Newton
Los Angeles Rams SoFi Stadium

The official NFL schedule has yet to be released and will likely not be released until May. However, there is growing speculation that the Los Angeles Rams will open up SoFi stadium by taking on the Dallas Cowboys. It will be interesting to see how the Rams will prepare for the home opener without Gurley as McVay has opened up how the offense will work now.  If this is the case, then this will likely be one of the better games that the Rams could christen the new stadium as both have become two of the more popular franchises in the NFL. Let’s take a look at the history of the Rams and Cowboys and why this would be a great way to open up SoFi!

History of Both Franchises

2019 was a disappointing season for both the Rams and Cowboys. Many pegged both teams to be NFC Championship contenders last season. However, both missed the important plays as the Rams finishing with a 9-7 record and 3rd in the NFC West while the Cowboys finished with a record of 8-8 and 2nd in the NFC East. Many also believe that both teams should bounce back this season, which would make this game enjoyable. Before the 2019 seasons, though, the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams have been two of the more historic teams in the NFC. The Los Angeles Rams have made the playoffs 29 times, with 17 division championships, seven conference championships, and three league titles. Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys have made the playoffs 33 times, with 23 division championships, ten conference championships, and five league championships. How have they fared against each other? Let’s take a look at that now.

History of Rams vs. Cowboys

There have been 35 games in the series history, which the Dallas Cowboys lead 18-17 overall. The teams have also met nine times in the playoffs with the Rams leading the playoff series 5-4 with the most recent playoff meeting in 2018, which the Rams won 30-22. Although the meeting last year ended in a blowout win for the Cowboys, 44-21, three of the previous four meetings have been decided by an average of 5.33 points, making the series one of the more exciting ones in the NFL. With both teams poised for bounce-back seasons, this game would be one of the best games the NFL could choose for the opening of SoFi stadium.

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