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Rams Legend Eric Dickerson doing everything in his power to change logo

by Alex Alarcon
Los Angeles Rams Eric Dickerson

It has been a crazy week for the Los Angeles Rams as they released their new logos and colors to the NFL, but were quickly given the thumbs down from die-hards. Los Angeles fans quickly voiced their opinion on how they disliked the new logo and instantly fell in love with a couple of new designs made by other designs on social media. Those new logos surfaced social media and instantly became popular among the Rams fans. Some fans even enjoyed what the possible new helmets could look like for the Rams. However, the bigger issue is the primary logo as the whole LA new look is one of the biggest mistakes the Rams marketing team has done. Thankfully, Rams legend Eric Dickerson is taking these matters into his own hands.

Remember, Dickerson is the Rams vice president of business development. He already has spoken about the logo earlier this week when he jumped on the Doug Gottlieb Show. Clearly, he is upset and wants the change to happen.

I asked the guys, ‘Why mess with something that’s good, The Cowboys don’t change their logos. The Raiders don’t change their logos. The Colts, when they went from Baltimore to Indianapolis, didn’t [change logos].

Now Dickerson is speaking with the fans as he is walking straight up back into the Rams office to change this logo. On twitter, @EricDickerson tweeted out the following.

Rams fans, I reviewed your comments regarding our new logos and share in your disappointment. I’ll be speaking with the Rams on our behalf. Please like if you prefer the logo on the left and retweet to vote for the logo on the right (Rams booster club). -The Rambassador

Dickerson understands the problem the Rams made with the logos and wants to make the right change. The fact that he wants advice from Rams fans is why this legend will always be one of the best. He was a legend off the field as he rushed for an NFL-record 2,105 yards as a member of the Rams in 1984, and now a legend off the field fixing this logo issue.

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