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Rams’ Michael Brockers spills the truth about the Baltimore Ravens

by Alex Alarcon
Los Angeles Rams Michael Brockers

The Los Angeles Rams thought they lost one of the best defensive tackles in the game as the Baltimore Ravens had a three-year agreement with Michael Brockers. However, the deal fell apart when the Ravens opened up about their concerns with the health of Brockers and were waiting on the final physical result. The contract fell through and the Los Angeles Rams quickly offered Brockers another contract in which he signed.

All of the contract talk was finally brought to the world when Brockers recently joined former ram Chris Long’s “Green Light” podcast. Brockers talked about the Ravens fear over Brockers potentially especially knowing he might ankle surgery. Take a look at the full quote of the interview below via Rams Wire manager Cameron DaSilva.

I did my physical here in Houston. I go to the doctor, they take X-rays and I did an MRI,” he said. “The doctor sent it to Baltimore and Baltimore’s doctor gets to look at it and he says, ‘You know, I’m not a specialist, but I’m going to send it to a guy that I truly trust and he’s a third-party doctor. He’ll just tell me what’s up.’ I guess that doctor told him I might need something like a surgery and they were like, ‘Oh.’ they get my MRI, they get all this stuff. Then we don’t hear from them after that. And I guess that’s the process where they were sending MRIs to Anderson or whoever and getting his word for it.”

Remember Brockers injured in his ankle during the last week of the 2019 season. Brockers came out and told Long he feels healthy and ready to go. Los Angeles knew they could trust Brockers and needed to build their depth knowing they lost both Fowler Jr and Cory Littleton.

Did the Rams make the right move in bringing back Brockers once the deal went through? Let’s chat about it below.


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Richard B Fernandez April 4, 2020 - 5:49 am

I think before the Rams gave him a 3 year 31 million dollar contract they should of did their due diligence. I guess they were desperate for a DL. He might of had a good track record. It also makes A.D happy.


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