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Reason behind the Rams new logo finally explained by Micah Kiser

by Daniel Newton
Los Angeles Rams Micah Kiser

Change is inevitable, even when it comes to logos in the NFL. The Rams have had seven logos since they became a franchise in 1946. However, with the new logo being released before the 2020 NFL season, this will be the 3rd time they have changed the logo since the 2016 NFL season. The new logo has had a mix of reviews since being revealed in March as even Eric Dickerson tried his best to have the Rams change the logo.  However, it seems as if why the Rams went into this direction has come to life.  Rams linebacker Micah Kiser recently jumped on an interview and spoke his thoughts on why the marketing team went in this direction and it makes perfect sense.

“L.A. isn’t really like a football town per se, so when you’re the Rams you have to kinda market more towards a lifestyle, a brand, it’s more about a total package than it is just football, My opinion, the colors look great, and the logo ties into the Santa Monica pier and the colors. This is more of a branding and lifestyle change than just football”

If you look at the Los Angeles Rams primary “LA” logo, the marketing team went away with the historic past of the Rams franchise and focused more on the yellow of the Los Angeles sun with the Santa Monica pier in the background. I 100% agree with Micah as the Rams made this logo as a brand instead of just football. This new logo speaks Los Angeles, but not necessarily the Rams.

Why the logo is seeing Negative Reviews

Many fans in the NFL are receptive to change and don’t like to see changes occurring to their favorite NFL teams, including new logo designs. Fans believe the logo is one of the staples of an NFL franchise, as that is what is printed on hats, clothes, and other items with the franchise. So, many people don’t like to see the change when the Rams just had a new logo in the 2017 NFL season. Fans were even more upset after Kevin Demoff finally addressed the new logo look on social media. People look at this like a possible cash grab that the NFL and Rams are forcing on people as well. Fans are going to want the new logo on clothes they wear to the game as well as in their home while they watch the games. With the new logo that opens up more wallets as the fans will be looking to land the latest products. However, at the moment, it seems that fans are not going to open their wallets until the logo is changed.

Why the Logo is Seeing Positive Reviews

Many logos in the NFL fail to capture the city the franchise represents. However, that cannot be the same when it comes to the Rams. When people think about California, some of the things that pop into their heads is the sun, waves, Santa Monica pier, and the Southern California experience in general just like Kiser explained in his thoughts. The new logo for the Rams captures these aspects surrounding Southern California. The color scheme catches the water and sun aspect of the city, and the horns resemble the waves of the Pacific Ocean. All of which is why some of the fans of the Rams like the new logo and are more welcoming to the change.

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Kyle M April 6, 2020 - 4:53 pm

90% of Rams fans will not purchase this new LOGO. It is absolutely ridiculous. I’ve sent numerous messages. I am a die hard fan and this depresses me. Please change it.


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