What will be the Key to Los Angeles Rams’ Jared Goff’s Turnaround?

Updated: September 12, 2017

In the Rams blowout of the Indianapolis Colts the biggest takeaway besides ones thrown by Scott Tolzein was how great the defense looked. The second thing that people took away from the game was that Jared Goff was competent.

He threw over 300 yards for the first time in his career and while he only had one touchdown he was remarkably efficient. He was able to find receivers Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Sammy Watkins early and often, and completed 21 of 29 passes.

This performance in a vacuum isn’t much to write home about but it signals that maybe Sean McVay is actually going to be able to coax great performances out of the second year starter. The way in which Goff was able to elevate to competent simplicity. By making the load lighter both physically and mentally Goff was able to make a leap in his first start of the season. Simplicity is the key for Goff to turn this season around.

Goff mentioned that he’s always had the burden of being the best player on his team and now this is not the case. He was thrilled that not only did he have a great play caller in Sean McVay but also other players on the offense that can take the pressure off.

That might not sound like the sort of thing one wants to hear from their franchise quarterback but it does make sense. The Rams decision to go all in on offense during the off-season has already paid dividends. Goff now trusts that not only can he hand the ball off to Todd Gurley but now he has targets he can lean on. The fact that Watkins, Woods, and Kupp had over 50 yards bodes well going forward. By balancing the offense it makes Goff have to worry less and just play. Simplicity on offense means Goff can continue to grow without having to be Aaron Rodgers every week.

Going forward this means that he can develop a rapport with his receivers before the offense can get more complicated. He connected with rookies Cooper Kupp for 76 yards and a touchdown and hit Gerald Everett for a 39 yard catch.

For Todd Gurley this means that as other teams begin to see Goff as more of a check down threat at best then he can have a shot at running the ball. Now the simplicity approach hasn’t erased all of Goff’s sins and he still needs to get better but at the very least he now has the best chance to succeed. The weight of the world got a little lighter on him for the time being as fans now give him a longer leash. If he can extend that leash for the rest of the season then he may just be the franchise quarterback after all.


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