Rams’ Todd Gurley talks about Jeff Fisher, Jared Goff and playing in Los Angeles

Updated: July 8, 2017

Los Angeles Rams Todd Gurley did not hold back on the opportunity to speak on today’s Sirius SX NFL radio as he talked about his former head coach Jeff Fisher, Jared Goff’s improvements, and how playing in Los Angeles is. According to NFL.com and Sirius XM Radio: Gurley stated: “I felt like Coach Fisher did a good job last year. The plan was to run the ball. But when you fall behind, you have to throw”

That could be one of the reasons why the Rams tried to become a passing team late in the season, however it really did not seem like it as Goff/Keenum were on the ground most of the time.

In the last two out of six games of the 2016 season, Gurley only rushed the ball for more than twenty attempts. The running game was no where in sight as the last two games of Gurley’s 2016 season totaled 98 yards. Jeff Fisher was a class act for the members of the Rams, but was unable to win games.

Next, Gurley talked about Jared Goff as he brought up his number one selection. Todd Gurley on Jared Goff: He didn’t go number one for no reason. He has the talent, and he’s just been getting better. Rams HQ recently wrote an article titled Why Los Angeles Rams’ Jared Goff is better than you thought, which talks a little more in-depth of what Gurley could be talking about, but it’s always encouraging to hear improvements about Goff.

Lastly, Gurley talked about his experience in Los Angeles. From Gurley “We’re all settled in now. I love it out here, I don’t really go back anywhere. I guess this is home for me.” Gurley should also be a building block for the future of the Los Angeles Rams. As long as the Rams continue to improve the line, Gurley will continue to succeed. Let’s all hope Gurley returns back to form in 2017


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