Sean McVay and Jared Goff destroy Chris Simms theory that the Rams are “cheating”

Updated: November 30, 2017

With young quarterback Jared Goff still learning the ways of the NFL, he has been getting help from Sean McVay as he has been in Goff’s ear every play when the Rams are at the line of scrimmage to help him read and understand the defense. It is totally legal in the rules of the NFL, but according to former quarterback Chris Simms, the Rams are cheating.

Former NFL quarterback Chris Simms went on a national radio show Monday and declared McVay’s tactics to be not only “cheating” but also “immoral,” The Rams are not cheating one bit as every time has this access. According to Rich Hammond, McVay is using all of his resources.

“McVay said that, to his knowledge, most NFL coaches operate the way he does, going up to the 15-second mark of the play clock if needed. Both Goff and McVay seemed a bit flummoxed that commentators around the league might take issue.”

“Sometimes he talks all the way up to 15 seconds,” Goff said of McVay. “Sometimes he talks for five seconds. Sometimes he talks for 10 seconds. It all varies. Just like every other quarterback in the league, it stops at 15 seconds and we run the play. But he’s great on the headset, though. He does a great job, and gives me as much or as little information as I need.”

The Los Angeles Rams are simple using all of their resources. Chris Simms completely does not understand the rule nor should he be opening his dumb mouth on live radio. Jared Goff is already a better QB than Simms anyway.


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