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Sean McVay makes strong statement about Josh Reynolds following draft

by Alex Alarcon

The Los Angeles Rams wanted to add some new offensive weapons during the 2020 NFL Draft and did so with the selection of WR Van Jefferson out of Florida who could be one of the fastest rookies heading into the upcoming season. With the departure of WR Brandin Cooks, Los Angeles is missing out on the deep threat as Jefferson could perfectly fit that mold. However, head coach Sean McVay is confident in another wide receiver on the roster to fill Cook’s position and more in 2020. Josh Reynolds is entering his fourth season in the league and has been a sensational player for the Rams in key moments in the past years. Given his prior experience and connection with Goff, Reynolds should be able to shine in the No. 3 receiver role with the Rams as McVay continued to make strong statements about the young receiver.

“Josh is a guy we anticipate being a big-time part of this offense. as far as those things in the future go, we’re really just taking it a day at a time right now. He’s a guy that we have a lot of confidence in, We would not have made the move on Brandin Cooks had it not been for the confidence we have in Josh Reynolds. We were able to get a player we had a lot of value for in with Van Jefferson but that was not part of the plan going into the draft until we got a chance to dive into that receiver group and say, ‘OK, this is a guy that fits, has a skill set.

Without a doubt, it seems McVay has a lot of trust in Reynolds. The wide receiver will be entering his final contract years with the Rams as this could be the biggest season for Reynolds. Los Angeles needs to have a strong three-receiver set and Reynolds fits perfectly in that mold. McVay even touched on that in his conference.

“He’s stepped in and been a starter and he’s got the ability to play really our X or Z, he can play in the slot. I think, really, we just feel like he’s a capable starting receiver if you’re getting into some of those three-receiver sets,”

In his three years with the Los Angeles Rans thus far, Reynolds has not missed a regular-season game and has started 11 times. I’ve always been a huge fan of the performance of Reynolds and his attitude toward the game. I have a strong feeling Reynolds is about to step up huge for Los Angeles in 2020. Even with Reynolds having a strong season in 2020, I still expect Jefferson to play a huge role in the offense.

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