The Trade That Will Change The Los Angeles Rams

Updated: July 12, 2017

Let’s play general manager. Would you trade away your best players in order to receiver a Pro-Bowl QB who shined with Sean McVay? That’s exactly what Redskins Writer Lindsay Austin Hough proposed to Rams fans. Is it an exciting trade? Or is it the worst trade idea in the history of trade ideas? Below is the full trade details from the Article “Los Angeles Rams offer exciting trade possibility for the Washington Redskins”

“Here’s how this trade could play out: Imagine, if you will, a scenario where Kirk Cousins is shipped to Los Angeles for Pro Bowl defensive tackle Aaron Donald, former No. 1 pick QB project Jared Goff, and a high draft pick in 2018.”

“Now, Washington would have to do some posturing and would probably lose some of their offensive identity, but they would gain a proven commodity on defensive line, and a potential future replacement for Cousins in Goff. Immediately, this move would pair Aaron Donald, the NFL’s consensus best defensive lineman with first-round defensive tackle Johnathan Allen, making Washington’s pass rush  stronger, perhaps unstoppable, in one move.”

Let it sink in a bit, take a deep breath and let’s all say our answers to this trade together. THIS IS THE WORST TRADE IDEA EVER.  Lindsay Austin Hough  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? WHERE DO I EVEN START WITH THIS MESS OF A TRADE? Of course the Rams would trade a high draft pick, their franchise QB, and their franchise DT, for a QB who used to be buddies with Sean McVay? HA! If this trade were to go down, it would look something like this. Be realistic Lindsay Hough

Washington Redskins Receive: Aaron Donald, Jared Goff,
Los Angeles Rams Receive: 1st Round Draft Pick, 2018, 2019, 2020, Kirk Cousins and WR Josh Doctson.

The Los Angeles Rams would be stupid to trade the best player in the NFL, a long with their franchise QB, not to mention a high draft pick. Even if it means the Rams make the playoffs a couple of years with Cousins, it’s still better to wait it out and trust the process. Horrible trade idea: Thanks for the Laugh Lindsay.

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