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Vince Young tears a part former head coach Jeff Fisher

by Rams HQ Team

This is going to get ugly fast. Former NFL quarterback and Texas Longhorn alumni phenom Vince Young is opening up about his past experiences in the NFL and wants to make one point very clear. “I’m going to expose his ass” (Young referring to former Titans head coach Jeff Fisher) Thanks to Sports Illustrated, Vince Young went beginning to end about his relationship with Jeff Fisher, and boy was it rocky.

From the start, Jeff Fisher was not on board with drafting Vince Young with the No. 2 overall pick, but had to make end meets. As Young went on to talk about Fisher, he hesitated and told Sports illustrated. “I’m saving that for my book.”, but gave us a sneak peek at some of the worst stories on and off the field.

Their relationship was off from the get-go,” says Bo Scaife, a former Longhorn and Titan who’s one of Young’s best friends. Could the relationship be on and off because Fisher was jealous of Young? everyone thought so. According to SI, Family members, close friends, even Young’s pastor describe Fisher as “jealous” and “envious” of the QB. Because of the jealously fisher had, Young stated the former head coach took the fun out of football and made him break into not wanting to play.

Most notably, Young blamed Fisher for what he talked about one of his worst memories. “the suicide incident” in 2008. This event believed to have destroyed his reputation within the league and where he lost all faith in Fisher. After straining his MCL in his left knee in a game against the Jaguars, Young missed a medical exam and would leave his house carrying a gun, which he said was licensed and carried with him from time to time.

During the same game, Young was noticeably hurt after being booed by fans and his mother stepped in to help. His mother, Felicia Young, was concerned and called the Titans. Young said Fisher called the team therapist and the Nashville police.

When Young arrived to the team facility, he said eight police officers and a negotiator were waiting for him. Young stated that while the negotiator discussed whether or not he wanted to hurt himself, in the back of his mind he suggested Fisher orchestrated this whole meeting to “spite him”

“I’m looking at Fisher like, you can stop all this, all this suicidal talk,” Young said. “He’s sitting there, not saying nothing. I feel like he was just laughing at that (expletive). The cameraman hiding in the woods — it all felt like a big setup. And now I gotta walk through the airport as the Suicidal Guy for the rest of my life.”

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