Report: Los Angeles Rams Add Defensive Lineman

Updated: August 23, 2017

The Aaron Donald holdout doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon and that presents the Rams with a major chasm at defensive line. Its near impossible to replace Donald, especially considering the Rams have less money than MC Hammer but they found a way. The Rams have welcomed back former defensive lineman Tyrunn Walker to the team after waiving him back in June.

Walker was under investigation for assault and while that wasn’t the official reason for his release it was definitely a contributing factor. He was later cleared of all charges and now the Rams have welcomed him back. In addition to bringing Walker back the Rams have waived defensive tackle A.J. Jefferson.

These additions won’t exactly make up for Donald’s absence but at the very least they a warm body and even if Donald were playing that part of the defense needed depth anyway. Walker and Jefferson were sorely needed after Dominique Easley tore his ACL. The Rams had drafted Tanzel Smart back in April and beyond that the drop off is pretty severe.

Robert Quinn is shifting to outside linebacker and while he could be a defensive end in times of desperation, Wade Phillips would prefer him to play linebacker full time.

Prior to signing with the Rams back in March, Walker had been a member of the Detroit Lions and New Orleans Saints where he registered 3.5 sacks and 63 tackles in 42 games, 13 of which he started between 2012-2016.

Tyrunn Walker is a stop gap solution at best and while he could be a solid contributor the Rams will have a problem upfront all year even when Donald returns. Losing Easley was a big deal because now Phillips has less options outside of Donald. There is a chance Smart can grow into a starting lineman by the end of the year but fans shouldn’t hold their breath. Hopefully Aaron Donald can comeback soon.

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