WATCH: Colts fans couldn’t handle blowout, start fight with Rams fans

Updated: September 11, 2017

The Los Angeles Rams had one of their best home openers in franchise history as they steamed rolled over the Colts with the final score of 46-9. Without quarterback Andrew Luck, it was a problem from the start. Long story short, Los Angeles defense picked off the Colts twice and brought it to the house. Jared Goff and the offense were in sync from the start and never left their foot off the gas pedal.

As a season ticket holder, there were a decent amount of Colts fans in my area but all were well respectful and joked around saying “They might be the new Rams now in the NFL”. With a couple of good laughs exciting the stadium, some Colts fans couldn’t handle the blowout as anger and probably a good amount of alcohol led to this fight. Rams HQ got a couple of fans responses that were in the area to witness the fight.

“Not exactly sure of the back story on this, I caught it in the middle of it happening as you can see. Major problem of what it looked like was the persistence of the woman and bald guy and also the Colts fan. They continued to resist as well and that led to it escalating with as much security that showed up – Michael Gallegos.”

“I caught the end of the fight as security took away the Rams, Colts and another friend fan. What I heard and saw was the Colts fan and his buddy were being loud and rude to fellow Rams fans near him. The lady stood up to them as other Rams fans came to her rescue. Security came over and wanted all of them for further questioning. All of them resisted and continued to fight.”

Remember football fans, it’s just a game. Please no more fighting…

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