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Would any NFL team be interested in Rams RB Todd Gurley?

by Rams HQ Team
Would any NFL team be interesting in Rams RB Todd Gurley?

The Los Angeles Rams seemed to have made the right choice two years ago when they brought in Todd Gurley to make him the NFL’s highest-paid running back. It was a four-year contract that was worth up to $60 million. Within that contract was a solid $21 million signing bonus and $45 million guaranteed for Todd Gurley. Remember all of this was following an excellent performance that gave Gurley All-Pro recognition and the NFC West crown for the Rams.

However, Gurley’s workload is heading in the wrong direction as his health became a question mark after Travelle Gaines (Todd Gurley’s Trainer) opened up about his arthritic component in his knee. The $60 million running-back only got 12 touches in the Super Bowl loss to the Patriots and has yet to really climb back out of that hole.

The truth might be coming out soon as Ian Rapoport reported this past Thursday that Sean McVay and the Rams organization will meet with Gurley to discuss his future with the team. More or less, the Rams will be asking if Gurley is actually fine or not to be that first down back. Rams fans are holding their breath as they are hoping for Gurley to return back to his All-Pro form, but what if the meeting goes the other way? If Gurley can no longer be the back the Rams have hoped for, would any NFL team be interested in taking Gurley via a trade? Let’s talk about it.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills are ready to take over the AFC but are missing something on the offensive side of the ball. That being, of course, a solid running back that holds that possible risk of being the best or worst in the league. Back in 2019, the Bills held a ground game of Gore, Singletary and Josh Allen. With Gore still on the bubble if Buffalo brings him back, bringing in Gurley could be the perfect option as Singletary could be the perfect duo along Gurley. Buffalo is slowly turning into a run-first team and adding Gurley could be the missing piece.

Houston Texans

The Texans are no stranger for trading for a running back as we saw that back in 2019. Remember the Texans traded for Duke Johnson and Carlos Hyde. Even though those two had an average season for Houston, Gurley could be the much-needed lift and final running back trade the Texans need. Everybody says the third time is the charm and well trading for a third running back in the past year could fix the Texans problems.


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