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Colin Cowherd drops truth bomb on the Los Angeles Rams

by Alex Alarcon
Rams Headquarters Colin Cowherd Rams Truth Bomb

It’s time to get real. The Los Angeles Rams were nearly Super Bowl Champions a couple of years and now face an upcoming season that was filled with some questionable moves during the offseason. The Rams recently traded WR Brandin Cooks to the Houston Texans as their draft selections bolstered. They also released Gurley and had to bite the bullet on a horrible contract as McVay did his best to explain why they had to release the fan-favorite. Lastly, Reporter Rich Hammond examined how the Rams six-month spending spree back in 2018 was a complete disastrous move. What is going on with the Rams front office? Well, Colin Cowherd recently spoke about the Rams and dropped the biggest truth bomb on The Herd on what is going on with them.

They paid too much money (for Cooks) and they pay everyone early and fall in love with players. The great personal people fall and LIKE everybody. Even Belichick with Brady, it was a LIKE affair. If Bill O’Brien is the kid whose parents left him the house for the summer and he’s got out of control, The Rams are the guy who LOVES car, and keeps buying cars. He Has a collection of cars and whats to show everyone his cars. Guess what, the minute you drive them off the lot, they are all worth 30% less (in value) They just collect stars.

Remember, the Rams also signed a huge extension with WR Tavon Austin. What happened to him? What about when they extended linebacker Alex Ogletree? It was a $42 million that included $31.4 million in guarantees, $18 million in full guarantees and an $8 million signing bonus. YIKES. Cowherd has a strong point. Los Angeles is falling in love with players and handing them dumb money. We have all these Cars (stars) just to show people. Cowherd also added on another truth bomb.

If you fall in love with cars and keep buying them, they lose 30% when they get off the lot. The Rams and the Texans are doing something I hate in life. They are confusing activity for efficiency. It’s just bad move bad move bad move bad move, trying to follow up on a move that did not work. New rule in the NFL, pay almost nobody big money and never pay anybody except the star QB early.

Even though it is important to keep players happy, you also need to win championships with a smart wallet. Los Angeles could not do anything this offseason because of “falling in love and buying new cars each offseason” What do you think Rams Nation? Is Cowherd speaking the truth? 

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Chuck April 11, 2020 - 5:18 am

This is the equivalent of a team running for 2 yds on 2nd & 8 in the 1st qtr and yelling at your TV “you can’t win football games like that!!” The style of play overall is successful if you look at the bigger picture and don’t focus on a few bad plays.

At the time of these extensions, the Rams made the Super Bowl and were 10 points (and maybe a healthy Gurley knee) away from winning. Nobody would be questioning any of this if they score 10 more points in that game. But somehow it’s a terrible move and a complete waste?

That style of paying players early garners a reputation around the league. Players want to play for the Rams and hope to succeed with them. Tavon/Ogletree in hindsight were bad, but not if those signings make players like Woods/Cooks/Suh/Peters/Talib all want to come play because they see how the Rams treat players they like. And those were all key players (along with reigning offensive MVP Gurley) who helped the Rams make the SuperBowl.

And the teams that are being “smarter” as he implies, don’t fall in love with guys and never overpay… which dynasties are those? You mean like the Chargers who are famously stingy with paying players? Always in the Super Bowl. Or maybe the Bengals? How about the Packers who have the best QB in our generation, have paid him well, but refuse to “fall in love” or pay anyone else… and have exactly 1 Super Bowl (and only 1 appearance) to show for it in the past 15 years?

The Rams ran their “plays” to great success in 2018 and scored lots of points. Now they’re “punting” on some heavy contracts. Don’t change the whole gameplan, just wait til they get the ball back again and let’s see how it goes from there. If stars want to play for the Rams, I’m betting they’ll have more chance at success than being stingy with their money.

Jose Navarro April 12, 2020 - 5:08 pm

I agree with Chuck. They were Cooper Kupp & Todd Gurley being healthy away from winning a superbowl.


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