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NFL Assistant Coach thinks Jameis Winston Could Energize The Rams

by Daniel Newton
Los Angeles Rams Jared Goff and Jameis Winston

Many believe that Rams quarterback Jared Goff has taken a step back following last season’s performance. Goff’s numbers in 2019 were dramatically different compared to the 2018 season. He saw his interceptions increase from 12 to 16 while his touchdowns decreased from 32 to 22. Goff’s yards per completion also dropped a full yard from 8.4 to 7.4. 2019 was Jared Goff’s worst season as a full-time starter for the Rams. Could the main problem be the offensive line though?  Or maybe Goff needs another offensive weapon? Los Angeles is actively looking for a wide receiver in the draft and may have found the perfect selection. There are a few people around the league, including one AFC assistant coach that believes the Rams need to reenergize their offense by bringing in fellow quarterback, Jameis Winston, who is currently a free agent. Both players have had similar paths to this point in their careers. Take a look at the post below via @RamsToday Let’s take a look at how both quarterbacks compare.

Los Angeles Rams Jameis Winston

Stats Don’t Lie

Both quarterbacks were drafted 1st overall in their respective drafts. In 2015 Jameis Winston was drafted with the 1st overall pick by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while in 2016, Jared Goff was taken 1st overall by the Rams. Both quarterbacks have had similar numbers statistically as well. Jared Goff is averaging a little over 27 touchdowns per season as a full-time starter while Winston is averaging 24. As far as passing yards go, Goff is averaging close to 4,400 yards per season while Winston is averaging 3,947, albeit his 2017 and 2018 seasons were cut short. However, both quarterbacks have struggled with their decision making as both as Winston is averaging 1.37 touchdown to interceptions while Goff is averaging two touchdowns per.

Winston Could Push Goff to Become Better

The one thing that makes quarterbacks better is competition. The most recent example was Alex Smith’s last season in Kansas City when he was being pushed by Patrick Mahomes, who was a rookie at the time. Alex Smith saw the best season of his career throwing for 4,042 yards with 26 touchdowns and five interceptions. If the Rams were to sign Jameis Winston, Jared Goff would see the best competition he has had since entering the NFL. I don’t think Winston would win the starting job or even start for Los Angeles. However, if he were, he might reenergize the offense altogether. Do you agree with the AFC assistant coach? 

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