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The Los Angeles Rams are the guinea pigs of the NFL

by Daniel Newton
Los Angeles Rams guinea pigs of the NFL

Guinea pigs might be one of the most common experimental subjects today. Unfortunately for the Los Angeles Rams, they might be the NFL’s guinea pig right now. Every season since 2007, HBO has aired Hard Knocks, which is an inside look at a training camp of a specific NFL team. According to ESPN, for the first time, Hard Knocks is planning to supersize and feature two teams in the same summer: the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers. Another experiment for the NFL and it involves the Rams. Hard Knocks is always an entertaining show that helps build up excitement for the upcoming season as fans love the inside scoop. But is there any care for the actual team?

There has been only one NFL team that HBO has featured more than one time, which was the Dallas Cowboys, and HBO waited over five years between the first and second time airing the same team. The Rams were first featured on HBO in their first season in Los Angeles in 2016, which was Jared Goff’s rookie season in the NFL and Jeff Fisher’s last season as a head coach in the NFL. Now Los Angeles will once again be the center of Hard Knocks, as the NFL will bring their whole giant camera crew and invade the Rams training camp.

Top Three Memorable Moments

Arguably one of the most memorable moments was when Jared Goff was featured, stating that he didn’t know if the sun sets in the east or the west. Most people learn this in elementary school, but I guess Jared Goff was absent from school that day. Who could forget the awkward phone call between Jeff Fisher and Nick Foles? Nick Foles was the starting quarterback for the Rams in 2015. However, Fisher didn’t call in Foles to release him, instead he did so over the phone. The third most memorable moment was William Hayes, stating he believes in mermaids. This moment added comic relief to the show that was overall an enjoyable season.

Another Experiment Ending Badly

The Rams are coming off a highly disappointing season, and if Hard Knocks is aired again depending on the outcome of COVID-19,  this will add distractions. The last thing the Rams need before the 2020 NFL season is more distractions. At the moment, the NFL is focused on the rebrand and the home opener of the Los Angeles Rams new SoFi Stadium. This is going to add even more pressure for McVay and the Rams to win anything. Fun fact, no team has ever been on Hard Knocks and followed it up with a Super Bowl run. Do you think the Rams are the guinea pig of the NFL right now? 

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