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Rams Director of Scouting Strategy shows why Van Jefferson was a steal

by Alex Alarcon
Los Angeles Rams Van Jefferson wide receivers

The Los Angeles Rams had one of the most unexpected NFL drafts this past weekend, but it seems they have nailed every single one of their selections. Within the past weeks, Los Angeles Ram’s season ticket holders have been getting an inside look on why Les Snead and the scouting team went in the direction they did back in late April. On Tuesday evening, Ram’s season ticket holders were invited to a private video chat with J.B. Long, Les Snead, and fellow scouts to explain the draft process as the Rams director of scouting strategy James Gladstone went into full analytical mode explaining why Van Jefferson was the perfect choice in the 2nd round.

Following the Brandin Cooks trade, we turned our attention to the depth of the wide receiver position of the draft, though Van Jefferson was not the first wide receiver we discussed for the list of draft prospects, it quickly became apparent he would be the first wide receiver that we would consider drafting. The primary reason for that ultimately stems from his vicious route running that even the best of defensive backs in college football were grasping for cloth. Since we are speaking with the Rams fan base and to help paint a clearer picture if you consider Robert Woods, Cooper Kupps standing side by side their reflection would be Van Jefferson.

Los Angeles Rams Van Jefferson

Gladstone went into more detail on how the scouting team looked extremely hard at the film tape of the Florida vs. LSU game, and how they used a unique method to examine the Max speed of Jefferson.

If there any need for any more proof of value Van can bring to the Rams, you can simply turn to that game (against LSU champion Tigers). He ultimately went up against defensive backs that were the best across the country. Maybe what every single receiver could be viewed as a challenging game, looks very very simple for Jefferson.

The Senior Bowl as it relates to the scouting process allows for great exposure into these players against similar competition. Speaking back to 2017 when Cooper Kupp was high on our radar, then also his performance at the Senior Bowl relates to the tools of scouting in terms of GPS tracking which is called ZEBRA technology. With that technology, Kupp stacked as the fastest MAX speed at the Senior Bowl regardless of position. As for Van Jefferson, he did the same thing as he had the fastest MAX speed.

Kupp has been a sensation for the Rams thus far and if the ZEBRA technique can find another star for Los Angeles, Jefferson could be that answer.

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