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RUMOR: Rams new uniforms will have gradient and bone color design

by Alex Alarcon
Los Angeles Rams new uniforms rumored

The Los Angeles Rams need to get the new uniforms right in order to win a majority of die-hard fans back. It was not a promising start as the new logo threw away the history as fans were outraged over the move. Even Rams legend Eric Dickerson tried to change the logo and could not get any luck. The original plan for the Rams’ new uniforms was to be released at a soft opening at SoFi stadium, but with the pandemic still a problem in the world today, that plan is still up in the air. With the Rams taking their time on releasing the new uniforms, fans have made some pretty nice concepts including more white and staying with the classic blue and yellow. However, we may have the answer to what the Rams new uniforms will look like.

According to Rams Today, who is known for his Instagram news and updates for the Los Angeles Rams, he has recently seen the uniforms and gave the following updates on it.

If this is true, that means the Los Angeles Rams will be following in the Atlanta Falcons footsteps with the new gradient look. The away uniforms will be an offset white which looks more like a grey color. And best of all, for the horns on the helmet, it could be the same exact horns on the logo everyone hates. Below are some quick concepts fans thought of when they heard the Rams new uniforms look from Rams Today.

At the moment, I’m treating this Rams uniform update as just a RUMOR. However, it does make sense why Los Angeles would go in this direction for the Rams new uniforms. This could be a new look that everyone will have to get used to. If this rumor is correct, are you a fan of the new possible look? 

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Eliseo Villarreal May 9, 2020 - 5:16 pm

I’m a Rams fan not logo or uniform go rams.

Gary Trujillo May 9, 2020 - 11:30 pm

If they change the helmets I will not be supporting a team I have loved since 1986. This is disrespectful to the history, legacy and to the fans. I am getting tired of all this garbage with the new ownership.


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