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LOOK: Check out this Rams uniform concept with the team’s brand new colors

by Alex Alarcon

There is one last hope for Los Angeles Rams fans as they are anxiously waiting for the debut of the new uniforms. Remember, fans were not happy about the new logo as even Eric Dickerson joined the party and asked the front office personally to change the logo. Long story short, it did not go as planned. With Los Angeles hoping to finally win the die-hards over this offseason, it seems they are still planning for a grand fashion ceremony for the uniforms as Andrew Siliciano gave an update on the new plan on Thursday evening. At the moment, the Rams have said very little about the new uniforms, but that does not mean designers can have some fun with the new colors. Mike Joseph,  an amazing graphic designer has recently published a Rams uniform concept that may win some fans over. Below are all of his shared designs and if you want to show him some love on social media, give him a follow at @SansfordAndSuns

Los Angeles Rams uniform concept
Los Angeles Rams uniform concept

Now what is unique about this uniform concept is the amount of white that runs through the pants and jerseys. Another key part of the uniform design is the white face mask as well. Even with the Rams possibly rocking an all blue and yellow uniform, could they had in a white face mask? Remember, there is a lot of white in the primary “LA” logo. This Rams uniform concept is not as bad as others I have seen that have come across the office but is this the best one so far? Comment down below your thoughts Rams Nation.

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Bob Gillott May 3, 2020 - 6:57 am

What difference does it make what the fans think? After the disaster of the “new” logo, why would the “new” uniform be anything other than crap?


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