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Los Angeles Rams uniforms could be just as bad as the logo

by Alex Alarcon
Rams Uniforms

The Los Angeles Rams were trending all over social media the past 48 hours, and for all of the wrong reasons. The Rams released two new logos on Monday as fans quickly turned on the organization and slammed them for the ugly designs. To make matters worse, some fans have already started a petition to change the primary logo and is nearing 5,000 votes. Of course, the petition will do nothing in terms of actually changing the logo, but should catch the eye of Kevin Demoff for a possible change down the road. At the moment, the Rams logo is a hit and miss with a lot of fans, but some fans are slowly turning the page and already thinking about what the Rams uniforms could look like.

Some fans are already jumping on board with what the possible helmet design could look like for the Rams, but what about the full uniform? According to Reporter & Analyst Benjamin Allbright, he has recently talked to someone in the industry who has seen all of the new uniforms and has told Benjamin the Rams uniforms are just as bad as the logo. Take a look below at the full quote from the video below.

They say the Chargers have the coolest looking uniforms… and the Rams uniforms are worse than their logo, they are awful. I know they have seen them.

Allbright has been one of the best insiders in the NFL and has hit the nail on some pretty serious trade news or takes in the league. It is just one person’s opinion, but what if the Rams uniforms are worse than their logo? Could the Rams be one of the few teams in recent years who screw up new uniforms? Yes, I’m talking about you Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Buckle in rams fans, this could be a long couple of months.



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Calvin Gipson sr. March 24, 2020 - 9:20 pm

Hey make the head the logo ,why dont you’ll put the LA on the ram head .and please dont take the horns off the helment .

Bill April 2, 2020 - 8:55 am

I still prefer the old Rams uniforms (White with blue), as they had class. Good enough for Fearsome Foursome and most famous QB’s over the years!

Calvin Gipson April 3, 2020 - 12:57 pm

I just hope they dont take the horns off the helment


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