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Should the Rams follow the Falcons footsteps with the gradient uniforms?

by Daniel Newton
Los Angeles Rams Atlanta Falcons gradient uniforms

Gradient uniforms may be the weirdest concept for a professional jersey. Although the Diamondbacks are not planning to use them in 2020 after using them in previous seasons, the Atlanta Falcons unveiled their new look earlier this week. With the growing trend of the gradient uniforms, fans are wondering if the Rams should do something similar with their unique color scheme. With the recent logo release, the Rams could be moving in that direction. Players such as Micah Kiser, Eric Dickerson, and Andrew Whitworth have said their opinion of the new logo as well. Let’s take a look at the history of gradient uniforms and how the Rams could do something similar.

Teams that Have Used Gradient Uniforms

On Wednesday, the Atlanta Falcons unveiled their uniforms for the 2020 NFL season. The new uniforms are gradient, which will have red starting from the top and fading to black with solid black bottoms. The uniforms have been met with mix reviews, though. The main backlash the Falcons have received from their new-look jersey has been the number typeface as well as the ATL that is written across the chest of the new jerseys. Another team that has used gradient uniforms in the past is the Arizona Diamondbacks. The gradient look that the Diamondbacks used for their jerseys were only on the shoulders and lower part of the leg.

The shoulders started with solid red and then faded to white. This scheme was yet another strange design using the gradient color scheme that did not go over well with fans. Finally, the Utah Jazz had a gradient color scheme for their NBA jerseys for the 2017-18 season. These were arguably the worst gradient color scheme that anyone could have chosen. The scheme started yellow at the top of the jersey and darkened to orange. The reviews that the Jazz received for these jerseys were also negative. Which begs the question, why would any team go with gradient uniforms? They have never had positive reviews for any organization that has chosen the scheme.

Could the Rams Do a Gradient Color Scheme?

Even though I love the blue and yellow colors the rams have chosen to go with, let’s hope they don’t choose a gradient color scheme for their jerseys. The jerseys have rarely had any positive feedback when going with the color scheme. However, the Rams seem to be open to the idea, and given the rash decisions they have made this offseason, it wouldn’t surprise me if they followed in the direction the Falcons went and choose something similar. Buckle up Rams Nation. Should the Rams do a gradient uniform scheme? 

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